TaeguTec’s Chase2Hepta with 14 cutting edges – economical 6mm insert

TaeguTec has introduced a smaller size insert for its highly popular Chase2Hepta milling line.

As the need for machining smaller volume work pieces made from cast iron and steel has grown, so has the need for smaller size tools that can enhance productivity and reduce operating cost.

The Chase2Hepta 6mm size inserts and cutters are available to meet the challenges posed by technical trends in forging and casting technologies, which is demanding higher productivity and economical tools that can handle lower depth of cut conditions.

Like the name suggests, the Chase2Hepta line is renowned for offering 14 corners on one insert. On top of this, the double-sided and highly effective 45 degrees entry angle is the ideal solution for high performance on cast iron and steel machining. Its positive cutting edge geometry lowers cutting loads during rough machining making it an efficient and smooth set of tools.

In order to cover a wider range of machining applications, the dual usage of TaeguTec’s Chase2Hepta 6mm inserts are a screw type cutter for primarily steel machining and a wedge type cutter for cast iron machining. The new line of mini cutters comes in three geometries – the M, MM and ML.

The M geometry 6mm Chase2Hepta line is used for roughing applications of steel and cast iron work pieces and its smooth machining with good tool life is due to its reinforced, positive rake angle.

For general cast iron machining applications, the optimised cutting edges of TaeguTec’s MM geometry chip breakers on the Chase2Hepta 6mm line means low cutting forces in cast iron machining.

The ML geometry for the 6mm line is ideal for cast iron light machining and difficult to cut materials such as stainless steel and heat resistant alloys. Its sharp, positive cutting edge was designed for minimal cutting force.

The Chase2Hepta 6mm line manhandled the competition when machining a manifold made from FC25. During the case study, TaeguTec’s new offering increased tool life by 50 per cent, claims the company. In another test against a leading competitors tool, TaeguTec’s 6mm Chase2Hepta line was not only able to increase tool life by two times, but also lowered the cutting force by 40 per cent while machining a con rod cap made from AISI 4140, says TaeguTec.

For more information contact TaeguTec SA on TEL: 011 362 1500 or visit www.taegutec.com