Taegutec’s Chase-4-Feed – a versatile high-feed mill with strong four cutting edge insert

To meet market demand, smaller double-sided four corner designed BLMP 04 inserts have been launched for small and high feed machining applications.

The smaller size inserts mean more inserts can be mounted to the same diameter cutters, which will greatly improve productivity over the existing BLMP 06 type under similar conditions. Available in Ø8(1z) and Ø10(2z) sizes, these inserts are an alternative to solid end mills for roughing operations.

While both the BLMP 11 and BLMP 13 cover a similar machining range, the BLMP 11 inserts give an advantage as they make it a finer pitch same diameter cutter for better productivity. The cutters come in all types – face mill, end mill and modular types.

The features are that they are double-sided four corners inserts, the smaller insert size means more inserts can be fitted into similar size cutters (improved productivity), smooth cutting and excellent insert rigidity and they can be used in a variety of applications.

End of year celebration
In November 2019 TaeguTec South Africa held its traditional ‘End of Year’ get together for clients, suppliers and friends. Featured below are a selection of the over 350 attendees.

For more information contact TaeguTec SA on TEL: 011 362 1500 or visit www.taegutec.com

Michael Stewart, Willie Human, Irvin Human, Cyril Gouvea and Werner Erasmus, all from Swasap

William Hara, Jaco Jeppe and Luan Lourens, all from Delba Electrical

Chantal and Ben Fouche from Weco, Petrus Gouws and Henry Oltwagen, both from Techroq and Pierre Goosen of Taegutec South Africa

Casper Greyling and Frikkie Nel, both of Admo Engineering

Lucky Baloyi, Selwyn Kern and Richard Sirwe, all from Robb and Carter, Martin Krugel of Taegutec South Africa, Francois Gouws and Franz Marais, both of Bosworth

Annemarie and David Marais, Braam Annandale, Pieter and Lorenda Herbst, all from Kelvion

Lyle Smith and Jannie Steenkamp, both from Megaphase Trading

Christiaan Jansen Van Vuuren, Zane Smit and Roelof Gouws, all from Kisme