TaeguTec works energetically to provide the best customer solutions

Alloys of every kind are constantly changing and evolving into better, stronger and more reliable products used in virtually every part of our lives. With this in mind, TaeguTec’s optimised solutions have been developed to cater to the demands of the industry.

“Cutting tools will have to adapt to remove less metal but at much faster speeds and feeds. The cutting tool can have a huge impact on productivity. Not every company can buy the latest machine tools but changing to our cutters means the tools can run at very high speeds with a minimum amount of downtime. TaeguTec’s new tools will enable machinists to perform metal cutting at a rate similar to that found in the woodworking industry,” said Jacob Harpaz, President and CEO of the IMC Group, at the time of the launch.

The TaeguTec product lines of tungsten carbide cutting tools include inserts and holder bodies for turning, milling, drilling, grooving, parting applications and solid carbide tools and tooling systems.

Furthermore, TaeguTec’s professional engineers go one step further by providing customised technical consulting support to its customers. These approaches ensure that TaeguTec faces a very promising future by giving customers tailored solutions that meet their specific demands.

TaeguTec is a leading supplier of modern machining solutions to a wide variety of industries such as automotive, mould and die, aerospace, power generation and many others. With an entire range of turnkey and tailor-made solutions, TaeguTec is considered one of the most preferred tooling partners in the industry and by customers for improving productivity and cost efficiency in the shop floor.

The former Korea Tungsten Company was born from the mines in Gangwon Province in the northern part of South Korea in 1916. Since then, TaeguTec has grown to become not only South Korea’s largest and most innovative industrial cutting tool manufacturer, but also an important provider of tungsten powders, solid carbide rolls and specialised industrial products to the world at large.

Headquartered in Daegu, South Korea, TaeguTec is a part of the 2nd biggest cutting tool manufacturing group in the world – the IMC International Metalworking Companies.

At the launch in 2020 of TaeguTec’s new and wide range of inserts and cutters – the TaeguTec SFeedTec range – it was emphasised that if you are looking to improve the productivity of your equipment and reduce the cost per part and the only way you can do that, in this age of advanced machining that is feeding into Industry 4.0, is to increase the feeds and speeds of your CNC machine cutting process.

The TaeguTec SFeedTec range on the turning side includes SFeed-Turn (Hush-Bore, Pos-S-Turn, Rhino-X-Turn, Rhino-M-Turn, Cool-Burst, Turn-SFeed and Sfeed-Rush), on the parting and grooving range SFeed-Clamp (Cut-SFeed, Face-Rush, Quad-Rush, Quad-I-Rush, Mini-I-Rush and a T-Clamp CBN insert), on the holemaking side SFeed-Drill (Solid-3-Drill, Drill-SFeed, Drill-Rush and Modu-R-Drill) and the milling SFeed-Mill range (Mill-SFeed, Tang-SFeed, Mill-Rush, Chase-4-Mill, Chase-8-Mill, Chase-V-Quad, Chase-12-Mill, Chase-4-Finish, Nan-Rush, Chase-4-Feed, Chase-10-Mill, Ceramic-SFeed and Maxi-Slot).

To improve productivity and to better respond to customers’ machining requirements, TaeguTec has subsequently added improvements and new products to the range.

TaeguTec has released a new ML chip former for the Chase-8-Mill’s SQKU 07 insert

TaeguTec has released new holders with an 8xD drilling depth for small diameter drilling to the Drill-Rush line

The TaeguTec turning line is a series that combines an ingenious grade and unique geometry to provide excellent machining performance. In addition, a series of general ISO turning inserts are available with chip breakers, holders and clamping systems. TaeguTec now offers a series of classified turning grades with inserts that include coated, uncoated, cermet, ceramic, PCD and CBN grades to meet all application purposes.

The milling range is part of the standard milling line that has been developed to increase productivity and reduce cost while meeting the industries’ diverse application demands. Moreover, the R&D engineers at TaeguTec conduct ongoing research and development programmes in order to enhance the capacity of the milling line and optimise productivity levels while reducing cycle times.

TaeguTec, one of the leaders in holemaking products, has launched highly engineered drilling solutions. The remarkable performance behind the indexable TopDrill and head changeable DrillRush, enables customers to enhance their productivity as well as profitability.

Parting and grooving
The revolutionary TaeguTec clamp line is a multifunctional system that permits a host of operations such as parting, external turning and grooving, precision grooving and recessing, face grooving and face turning, undercutting and slitting.

Along with other market leading products, TaeguTec is also equipped with an ISO threading range and tailor-made solutions for stationary applications and standard thread milling. These products guarantee high profile accuracy, clear and easy identification, excellent chip control, and most importantly, cost and productivity benefits.

Solid end mills
To effectively improve precision machining and product quality, TaeguTec has developed a series of solid carbide tools. This series is designed to accommodate the various materials and application demands of the modern machine shop.

Tooling system
The tooling programme developed by TaeguTec offers versatile chucking systems that are available to mount tooling on all types of machines. Systems currently available include BT MAS, ISO, NT, DIN 69871 and HSK shanks that cater to specific market needs.

New products
TaeguTec has released new holders with an 8xD drilling depth for small diameter drilling to the Drill-Rush line. The Drill-Rush’s small diameter Ø6 to 6.9mm range line, previously available up to a depth of 5xD, has been expanded up to a depth of 8xD. Now, the Drill-Rush line enables the same excellent machining performance and productivity on small diameter holes with a depth of 8xD.

TaeguTec has released a new ML chip former for the Chase-8-Mill’s SQKU 07 insert. The new SQKU 07 ML chip former, with 8 cutting edges, is capable of 90° step machining. The new ML chip former enables stable machining with a lower cutting force, in order to provide excellent performance in a variety of workpieces and in harsh machining conditions.

For more information contact TaeguTec SA on TEL: 011 362 1500 or visit www.taegutec.com