TaeguTec offers solid carbide guide pads for the T-Deep line of deep drilling heads and gun drills

Creating deep holes in some of the most difficult materials created takes not only nerves of steel but also the right cutting tool that alleviates the stress of standing over the machine hoping that the work is performed efficiently and effectively.

In order to make sure that deep-hole drills are following the correct path, TaeguTec offers solid carbide guide pads for the T-Deep line of deep drilling heads and gun drills.

The numerous advantages of solid carbide guide pads make their use more economical both in price and performance over brazed guide pads.

Lower power consumption, longer tool life, fewer required items covering the same diameter range relative to the competition as well as the introduction of advanced carbide grades all contribute to this new line being the optimal productivity solution.

TaeguTec’s guide pads are ideal for any industry that needs to drill deep through various materials. For example, TaeguTec’s solid carbide guide pads used to achieve economical and productive deep hole drilling are utilised in the automotive industry’s fabrication of diesel engines and truck bodies, the energy industry’s production of heat exchangers, the creation of oil holes used in hydraulic parts and heavy industry’s manufacture of ship propeller shafts.

Also, guide pads are equally important in the aerospace industry where landing gears and gas turbines have to follow strict safety requirements, the defence sector where the barrels of any number of canons need to follow precise manufacture requirements in order that ordinances reach their intended target, die and mould’s very important coolant holes, the steel industry’s billets, machine builders’ spindles and the construction machinery sector’s production of the incredibly resilient track shoes.

The line of guide pads is available from PAD-06 to PAD-18 sizes and two grades. For general deep-hole drilling where both oil and emulsion coolant are needed, the SB grade is suitably adapted to these cutting conditions. Where higher tool life is needed, a supplementary SA grade using only oil coolant aimed at preventing insert failure in stable cutting conditions is the perfect choice.

Solid carbide guide pads are wholly precision ground providing superior tool life and productivity relative to their brazed equivalent.

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