TaeguTec launches SFeedTec range

The South African launch of TaeguTec’s new and wide range of inserts and cutters were presented by Jacob Harpaz, President and CEO of the IMC Group. Harpaz emphasised to 320 delegates that clients were looking to improve the productivity of their equipment and reduce the cost per part and the only way you can do that, in this age of advanced machining that is feeding into Industry 4.0, is to increase the feeds and speeds of your CNC machine cutting process.

The new Taegutec SFeedTec Chase-4- Feed

The TaeguTec SFeedTec range on the turning side includes SFeed-Turn (Hush-Bore, Pos-S-Turn, Rhino-X-Turn, Rhino-M-Turn, Cool-Burst, Turn-SFeed and Sfeed-Rush), on the parting and grooving range SFeed-Clamp (Cut-SFeed, Face-Rush, Quad-Rush, Quad-I-Rush, Mini-I-Rush and a T-Clamp CBN insert), on the holemaking side SFeed-Drill (Solid-3-Drill, Drill-SFeed, Drill-Rush and Modu-R-Drill) and the milling SFeed-Mill range (Mill-SFeed, Tang-SFeed, Mill-Rush, Chase-4-Mill, Chase-8-Mill, Chase-V-Quad, Chase-12-Mill, Chase-4-Finish, Nan-Rush, Chase-4-Feed, Chase-10-Mill, Ceramic-SFeed and Maxi-Slot).

Taegutec SFeedTec Chase-4-Mill

“Cutting tools will have to adapt to remove less metal but at much faster speeds and feeds. The cutting tool can have a huge impact on productivity. Not every company can buy the latest machine tools but changing to our cutters means the tools can run at very high speeds with a minimum amount of downtime. TaeguTec’s new tools will enable machinists to perform metal cutting at a rate similar to that found in the woodworking industry,” said Harpaz.

Below is a selection of the 320 delegates that attended the seminar.

For more information contact TaeguTec SA on TEL: 011 362 1500 or visit www.taegutec.com

Theunis Hartman, Nico Myburgh, Paul and Alibert du Toit

Emmett Barnard, Kevin Coetzee, Ian Smith and Chris Killian

Marius Maas, Grant Kensley, Philip Opperman and Sulaiman Simon

Jeremy Climpson, Hans Rossouw (TaeguTec), Rodney Juckes, Shaun Dias, Avith Dalchind and Nathan Govender (TaeguTec)

Luan Klein, Christo van Zyl, Kyle Hitzeroth and Anton Bezuidenhout

Alex and Stoney, Michael Nagy and Hennie Nolte