TaeguTec introduces inserts and holders to the RhinoRush family to optimise machining

Due to the huge success of the new RhinoRush family of tools that was released last year, TaeguTec has expanded the line with new insert designs and holders which cover a wider range of applications for various sectors.

The T-Holder clamping system is just one of the new additions to the RhinoRush family, a tool that is widely known for its simplified mounting design, smaller size inserts and rigid clamping system.

The T-Holder adds to the RhinoRush even greater stability for turning applications especially during high feed interrupted cutting rates. Its optimised clamping remarkably prolongs the tool’s life by creating double clamping forces for rigid clamping.


The RhinoRush T-Holder line includes external holders, boring bars as well as through coolant type boring bars.

RhinoRush DNUX inserts
To significantly reduce cutting forces that occur during the machining of steel and stainless steel materials during medium light to medium applications, TaeguTec has released the DNUX insert type for the RhinoRush family.

Suitable for machining slender bar, thin-wall components, The DNUX’s high positive, high rake and inclination angle at the cutting edge works with much less cutting force and vibration than the existing ISO-DNMG inserts.


As an added benefit, the DNUX line’s four cutting edges offers better economy and guarantees the same performance as the KNUX’s two cutting edges. Furthermore, the new addition can be mounted on DNMG insert type RhinoRush tool holders, eliminating the need for separate tool holders.

Last but not least is the highly productive and economical insert and holder for the RhinoRush family, the WNMX series.

RhinoRush WNMX line
Designed for stability, the WNMX’s widened contact area doubles that of the existing ISO-WNMG 06 millimeter series. Also, the WNMX 06 mm series demonstrates enhanced reliability over the ISO version as well as increased tool life under interrupted machining conditions.

Maximum stability is achieved through its strong clamping which is made possible by two different types of holders, a hook lever type and a T-Holder Type clamping mechanism, which both offer optimised tool life.

Mill2Rush family
With the expansion of the TaeguTec’s Mill2Rush family of cutters, the new geometry selection widens the application range of the 6NGU line with improved performance on a variety of materials and conditions.

The new “ML” geometry design on the Mill2Rush includes a high positive rake angle for reduced cutting force, minimal vibration and longer tool life. The “ML” chip former was adapted to be used on low power consumption machines and enables excellent surface finish.


The 6NGU line is now available in three chip former types: “M” for general machining of steel and cast iron, the new “ML” for low cutting force on difficult-to-cut materials as well as carbon steel and alloy steel and the “AL” type which was designed to machine aluminium and non-ferrous materials.

A case study on the leading competitors offering found that tool life was increased by 50 percent while machining a work piece made from alloy steel at 200 m/min cutting speed, 0.12 feed rate, 45 mm width of cut and 3 mm depth of cut.

Another case study, but this time on stainless steel, discovered that TaeguTec’s new “ML” chip former on the 6NGU Mill2Rush line increased tool life by a whopping 176 percent against a leading competitor’s similar tool when all the machining conditions were the same.

New concept – Mill2Rush TNMX 18 inserts and cutters
TaeguTec has also introduced the Mill2Rush TNMX 18 inserts and cutters, a new 90 degree angle entering angle with a 13 mm depth of cut machining solution. The new Mill2Rush TNMX 18 is a triangular, double-sided six cutting edges insert that focuses on economy. Furthermore, the TNMX 18’s high positive cutting edges geometry reduces cutting loads.

The 8 mm insert thickness enables stable, powerful machining while the angled screw clamping design, already a feature of the current Mill2Rush line, promotes rigid clamping.

Adding Life is a + with new grade
Extending the life of inserts that perform under the stress of higher cutting conditions is of the utmost importance for TaeguTec. So to further this goal the Asian metalworking giant has launched the Life+ grades for steel machining.


The upgraded TT8115, TT8125 and TT8135 grades with new cutting edge coating technology out perform current grades like never before and are an excellent upgrade to TaeguTec’s highly popular GoldRush line.

The Life+ new grades have excellent wear resistance, are stable in high-feed and speed machining conditions, and are an ideal choice for professional and amateur machinists who aim to achieve excellent surface roughness while minimizing build-up-edges.

By emphasising productivity, the new coating guarantees longer tool life under higher cutting conditions over the currently existing ones while the improved coating surface treatment technology prevents chipping even in interrupted cutting on a wide range of applications, and simplifies both the process of predicting a tool’s life and automated machining.

Specifically under alloy steel and high hardness material machining where high temperature and pressure are a challenge, the special coating technology efficiently mitigates the impact to achieve higher productivity over conventional cutting tool grades.


After extensive internal and field testing in real world machining conditions, the newly upgraded TT8115, TT8125 and TT8135 increased tool life by as much as 120 percent on a variety of machining conditions and types of alloy steel and high hardness materials.

The most impressive result from real-world tests happened during the strenuous conditions of interrupted cutting on an alloy steel automotive part where the feed rate was 0.15 mm/rev and a speed rate of 250 m/min. In this test, the Life+ TT8125 graded tool life blew away the competition’s tool life by 120 percent.

In another test, the life of a tool treated with the Life+ TT8125 was increased by 100 percent while machining cast metal at speeds of 310 m/min and a feed rate of 0.3 mm/rev.

During the machining of a gear ring made from bearing steel, the internal turning procedure recorded a 66 percent increase in tool life, which equated to a 13 percent increase in productivity, while also using the Life+ TT8125 grade.

By increasing the cutting speed to 160 m/min while keeping the feed rate at 0.35 mm/rev and a depth of cut of 1 mm, the Life+ TT8125 grade recorded an increase of 33 percent in tool life and a productivity increase of 22 percent.

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