TaeguTec has introduced the Flex-Turn family

New modular head type holders for Swiss machines.

TaeguTec has introduced its Flex-Turn family of modular heads and holders for Swiss machines. TaeguTec’s unique assembly mechanism provides higher rigidity. Combining the taper with the lever principle ensures a rigid assembly.

It is usually time consuming to remove holders from the tool post when changing inserts on Swiss machines. With the ingenuous Flex-Turn family, inserts can be replaced outside of the machine by removing only the modular head, with the shank mounted to the tool post, reducing insert changing time and increasing productivity. Additionally, unlike the integrated holders, there is no risk of losing the holder’s spare parts and inserts by dropping them in the machine when replacing inserts, making the Flex-Turn family more convenient to use.

Some of the features modular head type holders for Swiss machines, easy replacement of modular heads and inserts, improved productivity owing to reduced setup time, rigid clamping between shanks and heads, and good repeatability, reduced inventory due to the ability to mount multiple heads on one shank, a variety of modular heads are available for turning, grooving and parting applications, the Cool-Burst system improves chip control and tool life (TB holders), there is minimised risk of losing holder’s spare parts and inserts and an error proof modular head and shank assembly system.

Easy modular head replacement
When replacing the modular head the shank remains in the tool post and then you disassemble the head from the shank with one rotation of the screw. The right-hand modular heads for turning can be assembled with neutral and right-hand shanks and the right-hand modular heads for Y-axis machining can be assembled with neutral and left-hand shanks. Modular heads for grooving can be assembled with neutral and right-hand shanks.

For more information contact TaeguTec SA on TEL: 011 362 1500 or visit www.taegutec.com