TaeguTec has introduced Multi-L-Turn and Win-Turn products for turning

TaeguTec has introduced a new VBMX insert with increased rigidity holders for improved anti-rotating during operation.

The Multi-L-Turn insert’s narrow corner angles mean the V-type insert is capable of various profiling operations. However, the clearance angle between the pressed type insert and the pocket causes the insert to rotate during machining, resulting in dimensional displacement. To reduce dimensional displacement, TaeguTec has released an all new VBMX V-type positive insert and dedicated holders that reduce dimensional displacement caused by the pressed type insert’s rotation.

The new VBMX insert and dedicated holders provide stable tool life, excellent machining performance, and precise machining dimensions based on a rigid clamping design. The insert’s bottom face includes a groove that firmly seats it on a specially shaped shim, while the back end of the insert contacts to a specially designed pocket.

As the VBMX insert shares the same outline design as the ISO-V type insert, it is also compatible with ISO holders. Please note that to obtain precise machining dimensions, the dedicated holder must be used.

The unique and powerful clamping design minimises insert rotation and offers excellent surface finish and precise machining dimensions, suitable for finishing, stable tool life and excellent machining performance and is compatible with standard ISO holders.

6-corner TNMV inserts and holders
TaeguTec has also launched the 6-corner TNMV inserts and holders with the all-directional turning Win-Turn line.

The 6-corners, 80 degree angle TNMV is a multidirectional, high-productivity line capable of deep depth of cuts in forward turning and high-feed rates in backwards turning operations. The holders, which use the strong clamping T-Holder design, are capable of longitudinal and face turning, both forward turning and backwards turning operations, all in one tool.

Other features are the same low cutting force as a positive type insert when mounted to holders, multidirectional turning without exchanging the tool holder, igher productivity due to reduced downtime and reduced holder inventory, capable of deep depth of cut in forward turning of maximum 3.5mm, capable of high-feed backward turning of maximum 1.2mm/rev, the same t-holder’s simple clamping operation and strong clamping force and high-pressure coolant supplying Cool-Burst holders are available as standard holders.

For more information contact TaeguTec SA on TEL: 011 362 1500 or visit www.taegutec.com