TaeguTec has expanded its POS-S-Turn line by adding the 70-degree corner angle XNMV 1105 insert for multi-directional and high-feed turning applications

The POS-S-Turn line dramatically improves productivity due to its all-directional and high-feed turning capabilities. The XNMV 1105 is a double-sided 4-corner insert with a 70-degree angle. It combines the advantages of the ISO CNMG and DNMG inserts for various machining applications such as external turning, face turning and external profiling.

The POS-S-Turn offers highly efficient machining with a maximum 3.5mm depth of cut in both external forward turning and face turning, as well as good chip control. An additional advantage of the XNMV 1105 insert is its unique high-feed backward turning capability. This technologically advanced capability is made possible due to the insert’s helical cutting edge that works to reduce cutting forces as well as the insert’s lower entering angle. Both features greatly contribute towards higher productivity.

In addition, the insert’s rigidity is strengthened by its increased thickness while its stability is improved by the insert’s wide support surface. The T-holder’s strong clamping mechanism enhances stability, which offers excellence in the mass production of automotive parts. By using the existing TXJNR/L-TB high-pressure coolant holder, customers can expect improved productivity, good tool life and chip control.

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