TaeguTec expands RhinoRush line

Due to the huge success of the new RhinoRush family of tools that was released last year, TaeguTec has expanded the line with new insert designs and holders, which cover a wider range of applications for various sectors.

The T-Holder clamping system is just one of the new additions to the RhinoRush family, a tool that is widely known for its simplified mounting design, smaller size inserts and rigid clamping system.



The T-Holder adds to the RhinoRush even greater stability for turning applications especially during high feed interrupted cutting rates.

Its optimised clamping remarkably prolongs the tool’s life by creating double clamping forces for rigid clamping. The RhinoRush T-Holder line includes external holders, boring bars as well as through coolant type boring bars.

RhinoRush DNUX line
To significantly reduce cutting forces that occur during the machining of steel and stainless steel materials during medium light to medium applications, TaeguTec has released the DNUX insert type for the RhinoRush family.

Suitable for machining slender bar, thin-wall components, the DNUX’s high positive, high rake and inclination angle at the cutting edge works with much less cutting force and vibrations than the existing ISO-DNMG inserts.


As an added benefit, the DNUX line’s four cutting edges offers better economy and guarantees the same performance as the KNUX’s two cutting edges.

Furthermore, the new addition can be mounted on DNMG insert type RhinoRush tool holders, eliminating the need for separate tool holders.

RhinoRush WNMX Line
Last but not least is the highly productive and economical insert and holder for the RhinoRush family, the WNMX series.


Designed for stability, the WNMX’s widened contact area doubles that of the existing ISO-WNMG 06 millimeter series. Also, the WNMX 06 mm series demonstrates enhanced reliability over the ISO version as well as increased tool life under interrupted machining conditions.

Maximum stability through its strong clamping is made possible by two different types of holders: a hook lever type and a T-Holder type clamping mechanism which both offer optimised tool life.

For more information contact TaeguTec SA on TEL: 011 362 1500 or visit www.taegutec.com