SVI Engineering launches new South African designed armoured vehicle

South African armoured product specialist SVI Engineering has launched a new armoured vehicle that aims to provide a more cost-effective solution for those seeking protection from both ballistic and general riot threats.

Built around the Toyota Land Cruiser 79-series chassis and engine, the new Max 3 is available in both civilian and military configurations.

The civilian variant, which doesn’t require NCACC permits, was designed for everything from convoy protection to civil security, riot control and mining security. Customers can choose between three body configurations – single cab, double cab and armoured personnel carrier.

The newcomer is an evolution of the previous version, and boasts a new design as well as a roomier cabin and improved ergonomics.

The conversion sees the Land Cruiser’s ‘soft-skin’ body removed and replaced with an all-steel body built from armoured plating. This outer shell was designed in-house by SVI, employing the latest CAD software.

SVI says the vehicle provides a minimum protection of EN1063 BR6 (assault rifles) with additional protection against anti-personnel mines. It can also be upgraded to BR7 level.

The military version was designed to be air transportable in a C130, and it’s also fitted with weapon mounts for .50 calibre pintle mountings, remote weapons systems and the Scorpion 60mm and 81mm mortar systems.

Although the vehicle is based on the LC 79, SVI has upgraded the suspension as well as the wheels and tyres with the aim of improving its off-road ability and allowing for a higher load rating.

The powertrains remain as per the Toyota, and this includes the option of a 5-litre V8 turbodiesel that produces 151kW and 430Nm.

How much?
SVI Engineering says that pricing starts at R1.6 million, excluding VAT, but including a one-year/50 000km warranty. However, the cost can differ depending on the configuration as well as the powertrain chosen. The company also boasts short delivery times of just three months for batches of up to 20 units.