Sumitomo’s AC4000K series turning grades for cast iron features technologies for longer tool life

Sumitomo AC4010K and AC4015K series turning grades for cast iron feature recently developed technologies that result in a longer and stable tool life. Consisting of a smooth cutting edge treatment, the AC4000K Series’ use of high adhesion technology drastically improves peeling resistance. In addition, crystal orientation control technology provides double the wear resistance during high-speed machining compared with conventional products. The residual stress control technology of the AC4000K Series further contributes to wear resistance.

Recommended for the precision cutting of gray cast iron, the extra-thick coating of the AC4010K Grade allows for ultra-high speed machining (vc = 2,300 SFM). Its special surface treatment provides more than twice the compressive stress and two times the chipping resistance compared with conventional products.

Recommended for the general purpose cutting of ductile cast iron, the high-adhesion and high-strength coating of the AC4015K Grade provides longer and stable tool life.

The wide range of applications for the AC4010K Grade includes cast iron brake discs and flywheels and ductile iron gear cases. Chipbreaker selection includes the EGU for low rigidity work, the ENZ for general finishing, the EGZ for extra cutting edge strength and the EME for strong and sharp high-feed cutting.

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