Sumitomo AC1030U turning insert is for small part machining

Sumitomo Electric Hardmetal’s AC1030U turning insert is targeted at high precision small workpiece machining that covers a wide range of material types where improved levels of surface finish are required.

AC1030U inserts can be used for both turning and grooving of smaller inner diameter bores on workpieces produced from alloy, stainless and heat resistant steels, pure iron, mild steels as well as non-ferrous materials where chip control is difficult to manage.

Inserts are available in triangular negative plus GNDS grooving types with cutting widths of 1.5, 2 and 3mm. Positive inserts range across 80º, 55º and 35º diamond, as well as square, triangular and trigon types. All inserts have a selection of different nose radii available.

The inserts have a special high precision grind at the cutting edge and incorporate Sumitomo’s Absotech Bronze multi-layer coating, which not only helps resist micro-chipping problems but contributes to extended levels of consistent production.

The new turning insert grade combines Absotech Bronze physical deposition coating (PVD) and Sumitomo’s latest precision ground FYS, a narrow breaker width G-class chipbreaker development to aid chip control and help to ensure a stable operational strategy.

The advanced Absotech Bronze technology comprises five alternating layers of TiAlSiN and AlTiSiN coatings, which are applied to a special tough carbide substrate that has double the fracture resistance of more conventional substrates. The coating has excellent heat and oxidation resistance, plus high orders of adhesion strength and resistance to peeling-off, as it has improved boundary control between the coating and the carbide substrate.

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