Studer S11 production cylindrical grinding machine for micro components

The Studer S11 cylindrical grinding machine is the youngest S11 and the smallest machine in the company’s portfolio and is tailor-made for workpieces up to 200 mm in length.

Anyone who still uses a Studer S36 and produces parts up to a maximum length of 200 mm can now use two Studer S11s on the same floor space as that required for an S36, the company says. And one S11 alone has a 15 percent higher productivity than the Studer S36.


This comparison emphasizes the direction things are taking in cylindrical grinding: More productivity combined with a compact design.

Workpieces up to 200 mm long, with diameters of 50 mm and weighing up to 3 kg can be machined on the production cylindrical grinding machine with a maximum floor space of 1.8 m2. The center height is 125 mm. The manufacturer has integrated a 500 mm diameter grinding wheel, which can also be rotary dressed, into this small machine. These 500 mm grinding wheel diameters are essential when it comes to high productivity. The motor grinding spindle, which is water-cooled and fitted with high-precision roller bearings, can achieve a good removal rate at 4.5 kW, the company says. The wheelhead can be set at 0 degrees or at 20 degrees.



The basis of the Swiss precision grinding machine is a Granitan machine bed. With high precision linear guides, the X and Z axes are executed in a cross-slide design. The S11 has a stroke of 210 mm in both the X and the Z direction. It reaches speeds between 0.001/1000 and 30,000 mm/min and the axes have a resolution of 0.00001 mm.

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