Specialist CNC machining center manufacturer MAPLE-tech Co appoints 600SA Machine Tools as their agent for South Africa

600SA Machine Tools has announced that it has been appointed as the agents to market and distribute MAPLE-tech Co products in South Africa. The MAPLE-tech Co specialises in the development and manufacture of automated vertical, horizontal, bridge type and gantry type machining centers for the machining of complex workpieces at minimal costs.

“It is very unusual for a CNC machine manufacturing company to concentrate on one discipline of metal removal but that is why MAPLE-tech Co have been successful over the years,” explained Johnny Pierdica, one of two Directors of 600SA Machine Tools.

“I can only think of one other manufacturer that has had the same philosophy.”

“The term machining center describes a wide range of machine tools including CNC milling and drilling machines, which include vertical machining centers (VMC), horizontal machining centers (HMC) as well as 4th and 5th axis machines. Most include automatic tool changers from 20 to over 500 tools. Workholding solutions often incorporate quick change tooling or pallets using automatic pallet changing and/or robotic work changing technology to combine for true unattended operation.”

“CNC machining equipment allows companies to manufacture complex parts with a user-friendly, single-setup machining process. This structure offers significant productivity advantages – cutting labour costs, increasing part quality, and reducing work time.”

“In general, shops should consider using an HMC for prismatic parts on which multiple sides or surfaces must be machined. Good examples are valve bodies or aircraft components. Typical applications for an HMC include high production volumes, parts smaller in size or jobs with longer run times. That’s not to say flat or plate stock cannot be machined on an HMC, because it can. However, this type of work must overcome some minor challenges of gravity by using appropriate fixturing.”

“As opposed to the machining with a HMC, CNC machines with the VMC configuration have vertically oriented spindles. VMC workpieces are usually mounted on top of their table and perform standard 2.5 or 3-axis machining operations. VMCs are useful for creating the parts, die or moulds with precision, accuracy, repeatability and high-quality surface finishes.”

MAPLE-tech Co., Ltd. was established in 1989 and is located in the Sha Lu district of Taichung City, Taiwan. The machine lineup includes CNC milling machines, vertical machining centers, horizontal machining centers, CNC gantry machining centers, CNC bridge type machining centers and CNC moving column milling machines that are widely used in the aerospace, automotive, electronics, precision mould and mechanical parts processing industries. All MAPLE-tech Co products have passed strict requirements of ISO9001 standard and international CE safety certification.

The VMC range consists of the M-One Series (XYZ travels from 650mm by 550mm by 550mm to 1 800mm by 700mm by 620mm) and the ME series (XYZ travels from 650mm by 550mm by 550mm to 1 400mm by 720mm by 700mm).

The HMC range consists of the MBM Series (XYZ travels from 800mm by 800mm by 800mm to 2 300mm by 1 550+200mm by 860mm), the bridge type DCM series (XYZ travels from 2 300mm by 1 550+200mm by 860mm) and the gantry type DBM series (XYZ travels from 3 000mm by 3 000mm by 3 000mm to 14 000mm by 5 000mm by 1 000mm).

“MAPLE-tech have very strong relationships with European suppliers of components that they use to manufacture their machines, as they do with the CNC controls suppliers. They only use high-quality components, Hiwin linear guides and ballscrews, for example. The machines are available with Fanuc 0iMF Plus controller or Mitsubishi controls,” said Pierdica.

ML Series slant bed CNC lathes
“Although we do emphasise that machining centers is their central focus and will be going forward, through demand and requests MAPLE-tech have started to manufacture a small range of 6” and 10” chuck CNC lathes. The slant bed CNC lathes go under the branding of the ML Series. We will be selling these as well,” explained Pierdica.

“At 600SA Machine Tools, we are all about growing your company, maximising profitability, and streamlining processes. We work with you to provide you with the high-quality tools you need to make that a reality and have actively been looking for complementary machine tool and metalworking machinery and equipment manufacturing companies to represent in South Africa. You can read more about us at (https://metalworkingnews.info/600sa-machine-tools-secure-with-some-recognised-machining-agencies/).”

For further details contact 600SA Machine Tools: Johnny 072 157 6003, Richard 061 525 3060 or Carlos 064 505 9906 or visit www.mt600sa.co.za