Space-saving, multi-tasking Kitamura HMC reduces cycle times

Kitamura Machinery has introduced the Mycenter-HX250iG that allows for a generous work envelope, one piece, easy grip sliding doors, large windows and door openings along with easy spindle access.

The ultra-compact Mycenter-HX250iG HMC, manufactured in Japan, with ultra-high speed rapids of 60 mpm, offers high efficiency with the ability to drill, mill, bore, tap, thread and turn light to heavy duty materials on a single machine. Meehanite cast construction provides superior vibration absorption capabilities for improved surface quality, elevating finish capabilities to a higher level, at the same time extending the overall life of cutting tools.


Operators and shop owners will appreciate the small footprint that takes up only 1,83 x 2,96 metres of valuable floor space. Small in size but large in capacity, the HX250iG allows for a generous work envelope, one piece, easy grip sliding doors, large windows and door openings along with easy spindle access. All combine to reduce and simplify operator workload and help to promote a safe work environment. A two-station APC is automation ready and field-expandable up to ten pallets for unmanned operation potential. The standard full 4th-axis rotary table is newly designed with a direct drive motor that enables speeds of 300 rpm (108 000 deg/min) rapids, dramatically reducing part cycle times, eliminating backlash and providing a firm, rigid machining platform.

A 40-tool fixed pot (which assures tools are always returned to the same pot and the next tool to be used is kept in a “stand-by” pot) ATC allows for the addition of up to 102 tools in the field for backup/redundant tools, contributing to a more lean and flexible environment. The ability to add on 5-axis simultaneous capabilities to not only one, but both pallets after installation opens up possibilities to improve and expand your business. A powerful, high torque, 11,2Kw 30-taper, dual contact spindle is standard. Compared to standard drill and tap machines, this spindle can really cut! A high speed, 30,000 rpm HSK-E40 spindle is an available option for more intricate, detailed machining applications.

Ultra-high precision means outstanding positioning accuracy of ±0.002mm / full stroke with 67 million pulse encoder technology that delivers 67 times finer resolution, 67 times better finish accuracy. The advanced icon driven Arumatik-Mi control offers user friendly, unique features such as on demand “HELP” guidance, visual work setting, maintenance support functions, and a 19 inch swivel colour LCD to easily guide the user in a completely customisable control environment. The SSS Control delivers high speed processing of 270m/min feed with 1mm/block, 4 500 blocs/sec for smoother and faster machining of the most complex workpieces – all super easy and super fast.

Additional machines to simplify machining challenges include the all-new Mycenter-2XD “Sparkchanger” VMC with 180 degree rotating 2-station APC and Kitamura’s newest addition to their 5-axis line-up, the Mytrunnion-4G simultaneous vertical machining center.

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