Somta Tools launches new multi-purpose cutting tool range for drilling, threading and milling solutions

Somta Tools is excited to announce the launch of its brand-new multi-purpose cutting tool range, designed specifically to assist manufacturers who machine multiple material types. The mindset behind the new range was focused on combining three essential components – flexibility, performance and value for money.

The new MultiForce range includes drilling, threading and milling solutions, and is a result of extensive development work between Somta and OSG. Not only are the geometries specially designed to work in multiple material types, but the coatings and surface finishes also make use of cutting-edge technologies to optimise performance in a wide range of metals – from softer material like aluminium, through to stainless steel and other harder metals.

“Without OSG’s substantial recent investment in Somta Tools’s Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal manufacturing facility, this new range would not have been possible. The new technology which combines state of the art CNC grinding equipment, the latest in surface coatings and treatment, as well as automated optical measuring, results in a winning combination of accuracy, consistency and efficiency,” said Allan Conolly, Managing Director of Somta Tools.

The initial MultiForce range will consist of a HSS and carbide drill programme, blind and through hole HSS threading solutions, and a carbide end mill series. Once the market starts to realise the substantial benefits of this new range, it is the intention to expand this range further and ongoing development work is already underway in this regard.

At a time when market conditions are the toughest the world has faced in a century, this new range will be of great assistance to manufacturers who have metal removal as part of their process.

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