Somta Tools designs and builds SANI-STATION, a non-contact, foot operated hand sanitiser station

Specialist designer and manufacturer of standard and custom tools in high speed steel and solid carbide for the industrial and ‘do it yourself’ markets, Somta Tools, is now manufacturing easy to use hands free, foot operated sanitiser dispensers that enables companies, industrial and manufacturing businesses, retail shops and shopping centres, schools, clinics, orphanages, hospitals, old age homes, animal help societies or, any entity where there is movement of people in small or large numbers, to readily offer hand sanitising to staff and customers and ‘get back to business’ and a frontline defence against Covid-19, safely.

“Used in conjunction with other sanitising and good hygiene strategies, SANI-STATION properly sanitises staff, customers, commuters, shoppers and travellers hands at entry and exit points to office buildings, factories, mines, malls, train and bus stations, taxi ranks, airports and banks, for example,” explained Allan Conolly, Managing Director of Somta Tools.

“But the SANI-STATION is not limited to this example. Wherever people need to regularly and easily sanitise their hands you can install a station. It can even be used as a liquid soap dispenser in bathrooms, if that is your requirement. In this instance you can secure the station to the wall or floor,” continued Conolly.

Non-contact, foot operated
“The big difference in our design, as compared to many others that are being developed during this uncertain period of our history, is that ours is a hands free, foot operated sanitiser dispenser. This non-contact operation will greatly add to the reduction of the risk of spreading viruses between people,” explained Conolly.

“Manufactured to industrial strength specifications so as to account for high-usage, the long-lasting SANI-STATION is able to accommodate one litre or smaller bottles of sanitiser or for any type five litre, 20 litre or larger sanitiser bottles.”

“Stands can be made in varying heights so children can sanitise as well and they are available in stainless steel for the medical industry. Available in different colours, stands can also be branded uniquely with corporate logos or messages, for bulk orders. Stands can also be manufactured with sanitiser bottle protection, so they do not go missing.”

Fight against COVID-19
“We are a proudly South African manufacturing operation and an OSG Group company. We decided to join the fight against this virus and developed the idea of manufacturing the SANI-STATION, in the early part of the national lockdown. We have the engineering expertise and have manufactured our own products for nearly 70 years now so it was no problem to incorporate the manufacture of these products into our existing schedule.”

“At this stage we outsource the sheet metal work that is involved in manufacturing the stations. We are doing our own coating of the mild steel sheet that is used in the product. Thereafter we do the assembly and distribution of the products nationally.”

“We are also able to supply the 70% alcohol based hand/hard surface sanitiser and the various size bottles. This alleviates the problem of sourcing your own sanitiser. However, the SANI-STATION can be used with any liquid sanitising agent and, as pointed out earlier, it can also be used as a soap dispenser.”

Help us to help the nation
“We are committed to this country and wherever possible we will endeavour to help the South African community and those that are less fortunate. This development of the SANI-STATION shows our commitment to fighting this virus. We have taken it further by involving each customer that buys one of our dispenser stands.”

“For every 20 stands sold we will donate a bulk unit with adaptor and a 5-litre sanitiser to a school, clinic, orphanage, hospital, old age home or animal help society in need in South Africa.”

“Buy 20 stands and we will donate it to a charity of your choice in your name! Buy one stand or share our post on Facebook tagging us and the charity of your choice and we will add your charity to our list. The more times that charity is mentioned, the higher up the list they go.”

“We are in this together and your purchase will make sure that those in need will get some relief.”

“As we prepare for the new normal life is going to be very different for all of us in the future. Sanitising is going to be part of our daily discipline, whether it is going to your local shop or business or flying internationally. Everything will have to be sanitised regularly many times a day.”

For further details contact Somta Tools on TEL: 011 390 8700 or visit