SolidCAM’s iMachining technology is now available for Gühring

CAM users can insert iMachining 2D and 3D operations directly inside NX CAM, using all NX functionality.

According to SolidCAM, iMachining achieves shorter cycle times regardless of industry, material or machine.

The iMachining toolpath is designed to keep the cutter at maximum efficiency and ensure the highest material removal rate. Exact stock rest material machining and finish cuts reportedly eliminate air cutting and unnecessary tool retracts. Additionally, the iMachining enables users to choose from eight levels to automatically adjust for fixture, tool holding and CNC conditions. The levels reportedly make it easier to overcome common challenges with spindle and fixture rigidity and excessive tool deflection.

SolidCAM states that iMachining increases average tool life by over five times. It is designed for machining at full depth-of-cut, using the entire tool rather than only the bottom part. Optimum cutting conditions reduce tool wear and increase process stability to avoid uncontrolled tool breakage.

According to SolidCAM, iMachining’s Technology Wizard automatically produces optimised feeds, speeds, depths and widths of cuts, specifically for CNC machines, materials and tools. The wizard also reportedly provides optimal feeds, speeds and step-over to ensure success on the first part. SolidCAM says the shorter and simpler programming procedure of iMachining results in significantly increased CAM productivity.

For further details contact Gühring South Africa on TEL: 041 372 2047/46/43/38 or email or Andrew Johnson of SolidCAM South Africa on 071 283 5487