Smart bending – Bystronic’s Xact Smart 160 press brake

New press brake is aimed at ambitious first-time users.

Bystronic has introduced the Xact Smart 160 press brake that is easy to set up and programme. It combines high bend accuracy with advanced features in an affordable, high-value package that enables a fast entry into bending technology.

This press brake also incorporates the powerful ByVision Bending control system on several models with capacities between 100 tons and 225 tons and up to four axes on the back gauge – which, depending on the combination selected, enables the processing of simple angles through complex bent parts. This press brake offers a high level of flexibility for fast job changes and can also be used as a fixed bending station. Standard active hydraulic crowning capabilities deliver accurate bend angles across the entire bed length.


Designed for easy tool integration, the Xact Smart press brake can easily accommodate all types of punches and dies. A wide selection of Bystronic bending tools can be set up in a few simple steps. Tools from third-party manufacturers can also be used. Bystronic offers a line of press brake tooling, the XPT and RF-A Tooling Series, which is compatible with existing Wila® NSCL ll type hydraulic clamping and tooling systems.

XPT Tooling offers customers the flexibility to expand upon existing tooling systems while taking advantage of the expert applications and superior press brake support from Bystronic. RF-A Tooling is a revolutionary new tooling that maintains high quality tooling features with the added benefit of increased open height and 100 percent compatibility with the Bystronic bending database at the machine control. Features include self-seating and segmented front-loading tooling technology, precision ground and hardened surfaces for long tool life and the RF-A upper and lower hydraulic clamping systems. RF-A Tooling is offered as an option on new Bystronic press brakes.


The Optical Bend Guiding System encompasses LED technology that greatly enhances press brake operations and reduces setup times. The LED bar located above the tool clamping in the ram enables easier tool positioning, more effective station guiding, clear back gauge positioning, clamping open, error, and end of job indications. The system guides the operator through all of the machine setup and bending sequences, reducing setup times and ensuring part quality. When a shop must absolutely have the highest part accuracy from the very first bend, the Laser Angle Measuring System (LAMS) automatically positions depending on the bending station, and uses a laser measuring system for each angle that is produced to ensure the highest part accuracy to within nearly a quarter of a degree of the programmed angle. Combining the Optical Bend Guiding System with LAMS greatly enhances press brake operations, increases productivity and increases part accuracies.

Bysoft 7 software solutions integrate the Xact Smart press brake seamlessly into the shop production environment.

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