Shop floor CMM solution aids inspection efficiency

Mitutoyo MiSTAR 555 CMM enables high-accuracy contour and form measurement.

Based on an advanced Mitutoyo MiSTAR Shop floor CMM, the resulting ingenious inspection system allows the rapid, accurate and automated dimensional inspection of a range of components. Using custom-built, multi-station fixtures to enable the loading of batches of multiple parts, the highly-efficient solution features a dedicated user interface for ease of use, whilst a tailored reporting output aids part sentencing and quality control.

This CMM operates without compressed air and on conventional 120V 20 AMP electrical service with movement speeds of 606mm/s and acceleration of 2 695mm/s² (3D).

The CMM is compact, and can measure in-line or near-line with accuracy assurance from 10°C to 40°C. It features an open-structure design with a single support moving bridge enabling users to mount workpieces from the front, rear and right for installation and a walk-up inspection station for easier operability.

The modular control unit and PC are stored in the base of the main body structure. It also uses a Mitutoyo-designed and manufactured robust scale detection system with a high resistance to airborne contaminants.

The machine includes the Mitutoyo-developed Smart Measuring System (SMS), which enables monitoring the operation state and a Status Monitor that retrieves current CMM status features using the MTConnect protocol. Condition Monitor provides a system that collects and evaluates different operational information such as measuring, movement lengths, machine error, probe functions, and many more for long-term preventative maintenance and machine use statistics.

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