Servo-electric turret punch press fits in compact spaces – Prima Power

Prima Power offers a comprehensive product range in 2D and 3D laser systems, turret punch presses, cells combining punching with right angle shearing or laser cutting, press brakes and automated bending solutions and Flexible Manufacturing Systems, all supported by sophisticated software and extensive service offering.

Prima Power’s Ex series turret punch press offers state-of-the art in servo-electric punching technology, based on pioneering experience, in an eminently flexible and affordable package. The servo mechanically actuated punching stroke is NC-controlled and thus, in addition to high-performance punching, outstandingly accurate forming capacity is available.


The new Prima Power E6x features a new, easy way of operation, a high degree of productivity and accuracy, as well as low energy and maintenance cost. All the benefits of versatile, servo electric punching technology are now within easy reach.

The E6x has an ability to process full 1,500 x 3,000 mm sheets, which allows a greater range of work accepted and makes nesting of the part more efficient and economical.

The E6x comes with the Lite version of Tulus, a member of a software suite developed by Prima Power. It makes the machine easy to use even for operators without prior experience of Prima.

Power technology
Convenient downloading of programs, instructive task lists and set-up screens giving clear indication of material and tooling requirements are just some of the standard features adding to ease of operation.

The E6x is an efficient machine tool for standard punching tasks, but the machine capabilities also allow uncomplicated and accurate utilisation of all the latest tooling technologies. For example, the number of rotating tools can be increased by using indexable multi-tools. Thus programming is simplified and set-up times are shortened. New quick-change toolholders can be used for even shorter set-up.


A major contribution to operating efficiency is made by an easy load mechanism and automatic clamp positioning and closing function, as well as a large 500 mm x 500 mm work chute for components. A lifting brush table mechanism provides extra protection for materials with a sensitive surface.

A three–stage system makes the machine safe to operate and minimises downtime in case of failure. The machine is equipped with sensors that automatically stop the machine if the sheet comes loose or the tool jams. As an option, a sensor with similar function for sheet distortion can be added. Instantaneous machine stop prevents further damage to the machine and makes re-start of operation fast and simple.

Compact Express – fast loading and unloading with a small footprint
Compact Express is a fully automated material-handling device. The placing of the automatic loading and unloading unit makes it possible to use several combinations of automatic and manual loading and unloading cycles. The manual loading table is free for use for manual operation.
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