Schmidt Industries


11 – 17 Suffert Street
Pinetown, KwaZulu-Natal
South Africa

Tel: +27 31 702 3921

Company Profile
Schmidt Industries is a business poised for the future by building on its strong heritage and placing quality in your hands.

Originally founded by Heinz-Werner Schmidt in the 1960’s, the business introduced trusted brands like Pineware, Gedore, Wera and Reli-on onto the South African market, resulting in a world class foundry and manufacturing facility being developed in Durban, South Africa.

It rapidly developed strong associations with high-quality, leading edge products, something it continues to pride itself in today.

Under new ownership, the business sees new beginnings – looking to the future and building on its successful, long heritage.

The owners and valued employees of Schmidt Industries are excited for the future that lies ahead and are immensely proud to be producing products that will place quality in your hands.

High Pressure Aluminium Die-Cast Products
Automotive Components
Industrials Fans
Industrial Lighting
Aluminium Toolboxes

Range of Hand Tools
Schmidt Industries is proud to introduce the Schmidt brand of high-quality, innovative hand tools:
Schmidt Square Torque Screwdrivers – Three Handle Types: Ultra; Compact; Core
Schmidt Hammer (Non-Recoil)
Schmidt Aluminium Die-Cast Toolbox

Range of Garden Tools
Reli-on Garden Tools: Pruners; Hedge Shears; Loppers