Robotic Innovations presented with FANUC sales award

FANUC is proud to announce that Robotic Innovations has been chosen as the winner of the 2023 sales award for their outstanding sales of FANUC robots in South Africa. The award was presented by Dr Kiyonori Inaba at an event held during the iREX 2023 exhibition held in Tokyo.

“Congratulations to Altus Mostert and the Robotic Innovations team for 20 years of dedication and hard work. We look forward to working closely with you for many years to come,” said Marc Mahl, Managing Director of FANUC South Africa.

Dr Kiyonori Inaba is Director, Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Robot Business Division of FANUC Corporation, and is the grandson of Dr Seiuemon Inaba, the founder of FANUC Corporation and was Honorary Chairman at the time of his passing in October 2020, at the age of 95.

Dr Kiyonori Inaba of FANUC Corporation presenting the award to Altus Mostert, Managing Director of Robotic Innovations

Dr Kiyonori Inaba is the son of Dr Yoshiharu Inaba, who is the current Chairman and CEO of FANUC Corporation and is the Chairman of the Japan Robot Association and the Japan Machine Tool Builders’ Association.

Robotic Innovations, a South African and Australian based company that was founded in 2004, specialises in robotic system integration and design turnkey automation systems for a number of manufacturing applications.

The company is a full service company, offering turnkey robot systems and a full range of services to support new and existing robotic systems. They offer robotic systems that cater for welding, palletising, handling, vision picking, sheet metal bending, cutting and trimming, painting, spot welding, conveyor solutions and simulations.

The company has to deal with new market requirements, companies producing an increasingly wide range of products and shorter life cycles, the growing focus on Industry 4.0, sustainability and connectivity with the digital revolution. With this in mind one of their major success stories has been with Atlantis Foundries. Over six years ago Atlantis Foundries embarked on a process that has paved the way to the company becoming a Smart Foundry by embracing the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Robotic Innovations has helped Atlantis Foundries revolutionise the foundry industry by using a robotic 3D camera system. Additionally, a number of processes and robots have been implemented to further organise the various areas of the foundry and to streamline the operations.

The latest project to be completed at Atlantis Foundries by Robotic Innovations is the automation of core assembly handling. Robotic Innovations uses FANUC robots for picking and placing as well as core trimming. The full story can be read at

For further details contact Robotic Innovations on TEL 012 345 4373 or visit or Fanuc South Africa on TEL: 011 392 3610 or visit