Rhodius cutting and grinding discs

Improvements in productivity and efficiency are demanded everywhere you turn in the working world. Tasks are becoming increasingly more complex.

The professional processing of metal and stone becomes very simple with Rhodius’s product and services solutions.


Their family run business has developed and produced professional tools in cutting, grinding, milling and polishing for over 60 years. It is with this dedication that they continue to pursue their goal of making exceptional products even better. Their focus is on providing the customer total satisfaction after they have solved all of the challenges that have been placed on them.

One factor applies to all
No matter how different the applications and materials are, Rhodius tools offer maximum benefit and outstanding price-performance ratio. Rhodius specialists are constantly analysing applications, materials and markets. Their engineers optimise and develop perfectly fitting products on this basis – without losing sight of the individual needs of their customers.

Rhodius cutting discs
The maximum efficiency can only be achieved if a cutting disc perfectly matches your machine and application.

Extra thin cutting discs: Rhodius extra-thin cutting discs bear the product code XT. With a maximum width of a disc of only 1.9mm, they are the ideal tool for processing thin-walled materials as well as solid materials. Extra-thin cutting discs cut much easier thanks to the lower friction at the workpiece. This minimises the thermal load and greatly reduces blueing of the workpiece. It is an almost burr-free cut which also minimises time consuming rework.


Sturdy cutting discs: Cutting discs with a width of a disc greater than 1.9mm are identified by the code FT within the product name. Thanks to their fabric reinforcement and the associated high stability, they are suitable for tough jobs such as the freehand cutting of structural and tool steel. These discs are best suited for stationary cutting.

Grinding discs
The hardness of a grinding disc determines the lifetime as well as its stock removal and stock-removing efficiency.

A soft grinding disc is much more aggressive and offers a comfortable grinding behaviour. A hard grinding disc is characterised by its long lifetime. Hard grinding discs are recommended for edge grinding. Soft grinding discs can be used for surface grinding.


Rhodius grinding discs are made in a thickness of 7mm and with a special top layer. Grinding discs, unlike flap discs, are characterised by their high stock removal and cutting efficiency as well as lifetime.

Common fields of application for grinding discs are weld seam preparation, burr removing, leveling, corner and edge grinding and leveling of welding seams.

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