Revolution Machine Tools opens for business

In a development that has been described as the positioning of the equipment that the company sells, services and markets to the metalworking engineering businesses in South Africa, so as to become recognised and more distinguishable, Steve Andrews has opened up a company – Revolution Machine Tools.

“The company has a vast range of CNC mills and machining centers, including 5-axis, CNC lathes, surface and cylindrical grinders that we offer to tool rooms, production shops and general engineering businesses,” explained Andrews.

“Up until now they have been closeted in the EDM Shop name, which was previously known as Spark Erosion Equipment. As the name of the company suggests this is a specific area of metal manipulation and cutting and as a result nobody associates our range of CNC equipment that can shape, cut and remove metal with the company.”

The Jyoti Huron MX multi-function machining center is a high flexibility machine enabling machining operations in five axes and on five sides, in one setup part clamping, from roughing to finishing, as well as turning operations

“The anomaly has been heightened in the digital age that we now live in and the Internet of Things. Search words such as machine tools would never bring up EDM Shop even though we have tried hard to link them with the company.”

“In the end the frustration got to us and we decided to open up a new company with a more appropriate name.”

“We launched the company now in January 2020 and have put the international brands of Wele, Jyoti Huron, Paragon and Phoenix that we represent under the umbrella of Revolution Machine Tools, a name specifically linked and with connotations to the Fourth Industrial Revolution that is currently happening in the world.”

“Wele Mechatronic is a well-known Taiwanese manufacturer of horizontal and vertical machining centers (up to 5-axis), big vertical turning and milling centers and boring mills. They also have a shareholder association with the Jtekt Group, which includes Toyoda Koki, a subsidiary of Toyoda Japan.”

“Jyoti Huron is one of India’s largest machine tool manufacturers. Their line-up includes machining centers (up to 5-axis), turning centers, small vertical turning centers and turnkey machining solutions. The Huron part of the name originates from the acquisition of the 152-year-old French company Huron Graffestaden S.A.S., located in Strasbourg, France, by Jyoti in 2007.”

“Paragon Machinery is also a Taiwanese manufacturer. They have specialised in manufacturing grinding machines, both cylindrical and polygonal grinding machines. The company was established in 1968 and the company specialises in manufacturing all kinds of CNC and automatic grinders, such as centreless grinders, internal grinders, universal cylindrical grinders and ID/OD twin-spindle grinders.”

“Frank Phoenix International Corp. was established in 1990 and mainly manufactures and supplies the mould making related milling machines, lathes, grinders and conventional machine tools and their accessories. They are well-known for their bed type milling machines and flat-bed CNC lathes.”

“In future the new name will be synonymous with all of these brands and equipment while anything related to wire EDM and spark erosion will fall under the EDM Shop banner.”

For further details contact Revolution Machine Tools on TEL: 011 762 5231 or visit