Renishaw’s SFP2, a new, improved surface finish measurement probe for use with the Revo 5-axis measurement system on CMMs

Improved surface finish measurement probe.

The SFP2 probe increases the surface finish measurement ability of the Revo system, which offers a multi-sensor capability providing touch-trigger, high-speed tactile scanning and non-contact vision measurement on a single CMM.

Combining surface finish measurement and dimensional inspection on the CMM presents unrivalled advantages over traditional inspection methods requiring a separate process. Powered by five-axis measurement technology, the SFP2’s automated surface finish inspection offers significant time-savings, reduced part handling and greater return on CMM investment.

The SFP2 system consists of a probe and a range of modules and is automatically interchangeable with all other probe options available for Revo. This provides the flexibility to easily select the optimum tool to inspect a wide range of features on the same CMM platform. Data from multiple sensors is automatically referenced to a common datum.

The surface finish system is managed by the same I++ DME compliant interface as the Revo system, and full user functionality is provided by Renishaw’s Modus metrology software.

Renishaw’s award winning Revo 5-axis measurement system is the only scanning system for CMMs that simultaneously controls the motion of three machine and two head axes while collecting workpiece data. Using its range of 2D and 3D tactile probes, surface finish measurement and non-contact vision probes, the Revo system brings dramatic speed and accuracy benefits to part inspection on CMMs.

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