Reaching new heights with OSG’s P-OIL-CXPF carbide forming tap for through and blind holes

Taps are used to cut screw threads on the internal surfaces of holes, creating the “female” half (nut) of the screw. High-precision is of vital importance, particularly in areas such as automotive engines, which require precision screws. OSG offers a line-up of taps with diameters in various sizes and with specifications suitable for a wide variety of uses.

For any manufacturer, time is money, and an increasing number of companies are looking for ways to improve efficiency in their manufacturing process. In order to support such demand OSG has released its new P-OIL-CXPF carbide forming tap for through and blind holes. The P-OIL-CXPF represents a new evolution in forming tap technology.

The P-OIL-CXPF carbide forming tap is engineered to generate much less torque versus other forming taps, making it feasible to tap materials up to 40 HRC and sizes up to M45 in diameter. The taps are manufactured with OSG’s EgiAs coating for heat and wear resistance and are ideal for general and hardened steels.

The carbide forming tap has an increased number of lobes and offers other features such as less machining torque and a longer life at faster speeds and with the side through coolant, even more performance can be achieved.

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