Radan 2021 from Hexagon provides updates for CAD/CAM, tubes, nesting

Hexagon Production Software has introduced Radan 2021 with enhancements for CAD/CAM, tubes, bending, quoting, and CAD-for-CAM modelling.

It allows the use of Radnest Ultimate on a punch press for optimising batches of nests. Setup sheets can be generated automatically and sent to each machine. The NC code for the job goes to the machine and the setup sheet to the operator.

The software also overcomes the issue of hazardous holes in tubes, created when pieces of metal are left in a dangerous position after a hole has been cut. Extra cuts now can be carried out, dividing the slugs into smaller chunks, which fall out more readily.

There are also three updates to multi-part nesting: The ability to import order and job numbers, which include details of which order the parts belong to, so they can be kept together for assembly; the ability to start manufacturing automatically from a full assembly, without needing to take individual shapes, sizes or material into consideration and the addition of a new Tube Purchasing Report that details what materials are required for a job, either from stock or needing to be purchased.

Furthermore, common-line cutting can now be carried out even if the ends have cut-outs in the design.

The Radbend module now offers improved collision checking during automatic sequencing. It also reduces handling when calculating sequences automatically by reducing the need for tool and part rotations and the tool editor now shows important additional information by default, making it more user-friendly.

A development in Radquote means that cutting strategies can now be specified on a part. The software asks how the parts are to be cut, such as whether oxygen or nitrogen is required for a laser part, and what finish is required, as these factors affect costs.

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