Pferd’s high-performance tools for high-tech industries

Aviation, gas turbine and power generation are industries synonymous with specialised materials, high safety standards and strict protocols, especially with the sensitive materials involved and critical components that require extreme precision of manufacturing, maintenance or repair.

Pferd, manufacturer and supplier of tools for work on surfaces and material cutting, offer high-performance tools that meet the specialist needs of the technicians who face these industries’ high-tech challenges daily.

Opening up cracks with a TC burr so that they can be re-welded

From cutting to grinding, milling, deburring, filing, brushing, polishing, cleaning and creating defined surfaces, Pferd has a range of tools suitable for the manufacture, maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) tasks of these advanced industries.

“These sectors require specialised tooling to work on the materials that can withstand exceptional amounts of force and stress,” explains Dennis Phillips, National Sales Manager at Pferd South Africa. This pushes suppliers to continually innovate and develop new tool technologies.

“Pferd possess the necessary expertise to develop and deliver high-performance tools for these niche markets to improve productivity, reduce process costs and achieve maximum efficiency,” says Phillips.

Surface finishing of a diffuser with Polinox cross buffs

Edge deburring on a diffuser by means of a conical TC burr

Tough tools for tough jobs
Pferd tools meet the high requirements of these advanced materials and their different machining processes. “We are active in these industries due to our investment in advanced technology that offers the customer a superior product without any reduction in safety, but a reduction in cost due to a quicker resolution of the repair or maintenance,” says Phillips.

Composite filament brushes
Plastic filament brushes, compared with traditional wire brushes offer cool grinding capability and a lack of sparks. Unlike steel, stainless steel and brass wire brushes, composite filament brushes have minimal risk of a piece of filament breaking off and staying behind on componentry, such as sophisticated gearing or rotors, where there is zero tolerance for contamination.

TC burrs
A typical application within the aviation industry for TC burrs is the opening up of cracks on turbine blades before they are re-welded. Pferd has a wide range of shapes, sizes and cuts of TC Burrs for a variety of applications within these industries.

Mounted points
The Tough type is specifically designed for use on materials that are difficult to machine. Applications include weld dressing on repair welds and reworking on turbine blades during aircraft maintenance. It offers a good stock removal rate, as well as cool grinding thanks to the abrasive grain mixture that breaks down easily.

Diamond needle files are suitable, for example, for work on cooling holes

Reworking on turbine blades with a Tough mounted point

Diamond needle files
Advanced engine technology requires high-temperature to increase efficiency. This means that the internal temperature would be destructive for the materials used in the manufacture of the engines. Therefore, integrated cooling holes in the blades and vanes circulate cold air. Diamond needle files, which are extra slim in design and particularly suitable for deep-set and narrow contours, are used to clean these cooling holes.

Customised solutions to meet the industries’ needs
Pferd can manufacture quality custom tools for customers who have very specific requirements. Our Key Account Manager in South Africa dedicated to the aviation and power generation industries, who works closely with the Aerospace team at Pferd in Germany, is available to consult with customers and help find the best tool solution for their applications. A team of application specialists can provide training on the correct use of these specialised tools as well.

As a tool manufacturer with over 200 years of experience, Pferd can call on comprehensive expertise in the manufacture of tool solutions.

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