Pferd’s Actirox, a superior ceramic abrasive

“Ceramic abrasives continue to increase in popularity because it significantly increases productivity while leaving high-quality surfaces finishes. Renowned for their high grinding performance and longer lifespan, ceramics improve economic efficiency, and it is a trend we expect to continue,” explains Dennis Phillips, National Sales Manager at Pferd South Africa.

The need for increased productivity and efficiency has seen Pferd introduce their Actirox ceramic abrasive belts and fibre discs.

Actirox abrasives grind extremely fast thereby significantly reducing the processing time for tasks such as stock removal and descaling. Importantly, operators only need to apply low to medium contact pressure, ultimately increasing comfort.

The aggressive stock removal rate is thanks to precision-shaped triangular abrasive grains and their self-sharpening ability. The ceramic grain breaks down in a controlled manner, exposing a new sharp cutting edge with each break.

Ceramic abrasives are highly suitable for work on stainless steel (INOX) thanks to their cool grinding ability. However, Actirox features a special topcoat allowing the belts and fibre discs to grind even cooler, effectively eliminating heat discolouration and the need for further rework.

Pferd’s team of Application Specialists can help businesses optimise their operations through on-site application assessments and the testing of possible solutions.

“Based on the application and the customer’s individual needs, our Application Specialists can provide guidance on the optimum product and machine combination to ensure the ideal and most cost-effective solution,” says Phillips.

As a tool manufacturer with over 200 years of experience, Pferd can call on comprehensive expertise in the manufacture of tool solutions.

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