Pferd looks to improve economic efficiency for clients with their products and training

Abrasives manufacturer Pferd South Africa expects South Africa’s manufacturing sector to increase the uptake of high-quality products and its training during 2022 as companies look to improve productivity and efficiencies to offset rising costs.

Statistics South Africa reports that the basic iron, steel, non-ferrous metal products, metal products, and machinery division is experiencing an uptick in activity. A positive sign as the country aims to reinvigorate the economy after the devastating impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“If we’ve learnt anything the past two years, it is to reduce our reliance on imports. Supply chain disruptions affected thousands of businesses worldwide and there was not much business could do about it. Local manufacturing is key to taking back some control,” explains Dennis Phillips, National Sales Manager at Pferd South Africa.

“As the sector rebounds, manufacturing businesses are optimising their operations by improving efficiency as a means to save money. We have noticed an increased demand for high-quality products primarily because a buy cheap, use, discard and replace strategy is not sustainable. Not in the current economic climate,” says Phillips.

“A sustainable money-saving strategy for the manufacturing sector includes the use of quality products. One simply gets more work done with a premium product than multiple cheaper alternatives,” Phillips explains.

Train to succeed
“Ensuring staff are properly trained is vital for future success because operators who possess the technical knowledge of how tools, tool drives and materials interact with each other, can use it to improve the quality of their work.”

“It is in a company’s best interest to train their staff to further enhance their day-to-day operations. Individuals responsible for upskilling their company’s personnel can attend training at the Pferd Academy and return to their company to train their staff in-house,” continued Phillips.

“Customers from across the African continent, who cannot attend training at the Pferd Academy based in Kempton Park, can also receive training thanks to the improvements Pferd made to their e-learning offering.”

Training leads to safe work practises
“Pferd, a founding member of the Organisation for the Safety of Abrasives, always place top priority on safety. They subject all their products to rigorous testing to ensure the supply of safe, high-quality abrasives.”

“Their training on the correct handling and application of cutting and grinding machines as well as consumables, empowers operators to recognise unsafe work practices and immediately correct behaviour.”

“Safety in the workplace is not solely the responsibility of a company’s Safety Officer – it is a team effort that requires all players to know the rules, states Phillips, adding that the longevity of equipment also improves when it is used safely and efficiently.”

“Companies then benefit from reduced equipment bills, as it requires less frequent replacing. Safe work practices reduce injuries, leading to reduced operator downtime and ultimately increasing productivity.”

As a tool manufacturer with over 200 years of experience, Pferd can call on comprehensive expertise in the manufacture of tool solutions.

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