OSG’s Phoenix PXD

Exchangeable head drill series for efficient, precise hole processing.

OSG’s Phoenix PXD is an exchangeable head drill series designed for efficient, precise holemaking. It is ideal for 3XD and 5XD holes in carbon and alloy steel, cast iron, and non-ferrous materials.

The Phoenix PXD exchangeable head drill with internal coolant for high efficiency large-diameter and stable drilling at high speeds, offers a lower cost than larger diameter carbide drills. It is suitable for applications requiring high precision and the same level of efficiency as carbide drills, such as the drilling of large diameter holes or tap drill holes for thread-rolling.

OSG says the Phoenix PXD achieves a longer tool life than HSS drills and indexable drills. The exchangeable heads can be attached and detached easily yet securely without the use of screws and are based on the work material. A single cutter body is applicable for multiple drilling diameters.

With OSG’s proprietary mounting system, the exchangeable head can be securely mounted without the use of screws. The easy attachment and removal system eliminates the screw problems normally associated with this type of tool.

Outer diameter relief grinding prevents the curling of chips during drilling and polished flutes enable smooth chip evacuation.

OSG’s proprietary WDI® coating, engineered exclusively for the PXD exchangeable head series (PC and KC), prevents margin wear thereby enabling high speed drilling and prolonging tool life.

The series comes in three forms – PC for mild steel and low to medium carbon steel, KC for cast iron and ductile cast iron and NC for non-ferrous metals.

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