OSG adds AE-CPR-N DLC coated high-efficiency finishing long neck corner radius end mill to its AE-N end mill series for copper electrodes

OSG Corporation recently announced the expansion of its AE-N DLC coated end mill series for copper electrodes with the AE-CPR-N end mill.

The AE-CPR-N is a long neck corner radius carbide end mill designed for high-efficiency finishing of copper electrodes. Its 3-flute specification contributes to high-efficiency machining and long tool life. Moreover, the AE-CPR-N’s unique flat cutting edge geometry, superior corner R precision and cutting edge diameter accuracy allow high precision machined surface quality.

With the addition of OSG’s DLC-IGUSS, a thick film type coating that suppresses wear on the cutting edge, both high tool durability and good machining accuracy can be achieved. Due to its smooth surface and extremely low coefficient of friction, DLC-IGUSS is extremely effective against non-ferrous metals such as copper alloys, which require welding resistance and lubricity. Other applications include plastic.

The AE-CPR-N is available from diameter 0.2mm to 6mm with a wide variety of neck lengths. Sizes up to diameter 1mm employ a 2-flute specification. All sizes above diameter 1mm are engineered with a 3-flute specification.

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