Okuma’s new LU4000 EX CNC lathe utilises two tools working simultaneously to provide flexibility and high removal rates

Okuma’s LU4000 EX CNC lathe is equipped with two turrets to enable two tools to work simultaneously, promoting process flexibility as well as high metal removal rates. The lathe is the company’s latest addition of four-axis turning in the 10″ to 15″ chuck class and is said to be well-suited for automotive applications.

The turning centre incorporates a 45-degree box bed with all-boxway construction, three-point bearing support for the spindle, crown gear turret coupling for both turrets, two power ranges and the Okuma Thinc-OSP control, designed to provide a long production life. The one-screen “easy operation” feature on this control system combined with the open architecture design make it suitable for operators of all levels.


Additional features include a big-bore spindle, the company’s Machining Navi L-g, a live quill tailstock with mount number 5, a rapid override switch, a portable pulse handle and a touch setter. The machine offers M-Y milling for the A turret as well as an off-centre turning function.

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