Okuma’s new CNC control OSP-P500

Okuma’s new CNC control OSP-P500 offers a series of advanced capabilities, including a digital twin, cybersecurity and energy-saving technology. Operators can accurately calculate cycle time and electricity consumption with the digital twin, as well as develop a machining schedule and estimate delivery time and costs.

Meanwhile, the digital twin can be used on an office PC to prepare for machining a subsequent set of parts while machining on the first set continues. The control has features that protect against unauthorised access and connection, help control potential damage and simplify emergency data restoration. The control also reduces energy consumption with features including Eco Idling Stop, which allows the machine to make autonomous decisions to stop unnecessary operations, and Eco Power Monitor, which displays and records power consumption and carbon dioxide emissions for analysis.

Versions of the control are available for lathes, multitasking machines, machining centers and machining centers with multitasking. The control is available in two sizes, with either a 15-inch or a 21.5-inch operation panel, and has a space-saving, ergonomic design and full-colour touch screen.

Optimised hardware and software controls improve processing capacity and response speed, with the time for machining general parts shortened by up to 15 per cent. Use of the digital twin can reduce physical machine preparation time.

Okuma first introduced its internally developed OSP control in 1963 and combined it with drives, motors, and spindles to become a ‘single source’ supplier.

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