Okuma introduces the new LU7000EX, a powerful 2-saddle CNC lathe for manufacturing large parts

Versatile lathe has a wide range of spindle variations to cut difficult materials for the oil and gas industry.

Okuma has announced the debut of the new LU7000EX. This powerful, 2-saddle CNC lathe has a wide range of spindle motor specifications to easily handle manufacturing of all types of workpieces including large parts.

The lineup offers four types of spindle bore diameter and five different distances between centers. It also performs various types of machining with specs such as a milling tool spindle, self traveling tailstock, and long boring bar that can cut an internal diameter with an extension of 1 200mm. Precision threading that minimises chatter is also possible with the Okuma Intelligent Technology Machining Navi T-g (threading).

The LU7000EX features a large two metre (2 000mm) bed and high power spindles (45, 55 and 75kW) that provide stable heavy-duty cutting with full utilisation of upper and lower turrets. Additional machining accuracy is achieved with the Thermo-Friendly Concept, which compensates for temperature changes that occur during manufacturing. Ceiling and front door shower coolant allow for complete chip removal and improved visibility.

Additional highlights include a maximum turning diameter of 35” and a workpiece weight of
1 000kgs.

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