Nikon and DMG MORI cooperate to provide innovative machine tool solutions

Nikon Corporation and DMG MORI have concluded a memorandum of understanding for a comprehensive business alliance. This business alliance will boost the establishment of Nikon’s material processing business by utilising the knowledge of DMG MORI as a leading machine tool company.

The two companies will also cooperate to develop more advanced DMG MORI machine tools by applying Nikon’s measurement and camera related technologies. In addition, effectively using the global sales network of DMG MORI, Nikon will conduct sales of its proprietary optical processing machines that perform various metal processing with high precision using laser.

This agreement will achieve synergy by effectively combining the mutual resources of the two companies. Nikon is a company that has advanced technological capabilities centring on opto-electronics and precision technologies, and DMG MORI, is a leading machine tool manufacturing company.

As a theme to address during its Medium-Term Management Plan from fiscal year 2019 to 2021, Nikon will realise acceleration in the business field of material processing, including sales of optical processing machines.

In recent years, machine tool users have been increasing investments in high-accuracy machines, digitalisation and automation to realise high-mix/low-volume production at their factories. This trend is accompanied by a growing demand for non-contact measurement technology due to advancement in integration of mechanical machining and measurement. Under such circumstances, DMG MORI will be able to take advantage of Nikon’s technologies to develop products that facilitate high-accuracy and digitalisation.