New Walter cutting tool material for ISO P with maximum cutting performance

The high-performance cutting tool material Tiger·tec® Silver WPP05S is Walter’s new specialist for roughing steel. The aluminium oxide layer used is 150 percent thicker in comparison to conventional layers. This ensures that indexable inserts with the new grade remain wear-resistant even at the highest of temperatures, and exhibit a correspondingly long tool life. In a practical test, forged parts made of 42CrMo4 were machined at a cutting speed of 380 m/min.

The smooth surface with an optimised microstructure ensures a low level of friction. That makes Tiger·tec® Silver WPP05S the first choice for roughing forged parts with high cutting data. The special second generation mechanical post-treatment in combination with a new substrate ensures increased toughness and, as a result, prevents fractures. Due to this development, the new cutting tool material exhibits maximum wear resistance even in the face of plastic deformation and crater wear.


For the user, that means: WPP05S offers an extremely high level of productivity during roughing operations in the mass production of components such as forged parts, gear shafts and wheel hubs, while still operating at high cutting speeds without compromising process reliability.

For further details contact Gerald Green, Walter’s Application Engineer for South Africa on TEL: 071 688 3266, email or visit or contact Spectra Carbide Tooling Technology on TEL: 0860 23 23 23 or email or visit