New TaeguTec Quadrush 34 inserts and holders for deep grooving parting applications

A larger Quadrush 34 line has been added to the Quadrush 27 line.

The newly added Quadrush 34 insert line is specifically suited for deep grooving and cutting of up to a maximum 10mm depth-of-cut compared to the existing Quadrush 27 insert’s shallow grooving which has a maximum 6.4mm depth-of-cut.

The new inserts cover a wide variety of materials and cutting conditions due to their enhanced fastening design and high rigidity insert geometry. Available as a C-type chip breaker, it provides excellent machining and surface roughness on workpiece surfaces that produce a straight, flat bottom surface after grooving. Further, the new line can be used in higher feed conditions, which improves customer productivity.

Precise ground inserts are available in a range of 1.5mm to 4.0mm widths, with an ultra-fine base substrate and multi-nano PVD coating for excellent tool life at high cutting speeds. They are available in various shank sizes for general and perpendicular integral type holders and includes T-Burst holders with high-pressure internal coolant up to 340 bar.

Quadrush 34 inserts provide a wider range of solutions for deep grooving and parting applications. The features include deep grooving and parting up to 10mm, they are capable of cutting up to 20mm diameter solid bars, four cutting corners for improved economy, unique chip breaker shape for excellent chip control, the chip breaker’s straight design enables flat bottom face machining and excellent chip evacuation specifically in medium to high-feed applications.

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