New sinker Mitsubishi EDMs with artificial intelligence (AI) adaptive control technology

The new Mitsubishi SV12P and SG12 sinker EDMs optimise performance, improve productivity, reduce electrical consumption and take the guesswork out of estimating machining time. The proprietary AI technology makes logical use of condition-monitoring data. For example, these new machines can diagnose real-time problems within the burn and directly modify specific parameters for a stable and accurate output. This allows machine operators of all experience levels to produce quality results in complex cavities and shapes.

Because the AI technology analyses current sensor data to determine optimal conditions, it reduces overall electrode wear and costs. By monitoring these parameters, the machine operates more efficiently and can more accurately predict machining times. The SV12P will be outfitted with Erowa Robot Compact 80 milling and sinker automation.

The Gantry Eagle 800 sinker EDM is best in class for large-part and moulding applications, featuring low electrode wear and fast cycle times. Combining the latest in technological innovation with a unique human-centric design, the Gantry Eagle series has on-board components designed to reduce wear and tear, which in turn decreases maintenance and costly downtime. The Gantry Eagle 800 has a large, easy-to-access working area that requires less floor space than other sinker EDM models.

The MV1200-R Mitsubishi wire EDM features the latest machine construction, submerged threading, fibre optic machine communication and power supply technology. As MC Machinery’s best-selling wire EDM, the MV-R series is known to be dependable and easy to use, spurring increased productivity and efficiency.

The MV2400-R Mitsubishi wire EDM is the perfect solution for a wide range of applications, featuring a larger tank capacity and low operational costs. The innovative MV-R series features improvements in machine construction, auto threading, internal machine communication and power supply technology. It also highlights Mitsubishi’s dedication to high precision, with innovations including the highly reliable non-contact cylindrical drive system on the X, Y, U, and V-axis drives.

The MV4800-S Mitsubishi wire EDM is ideal for large part applications up to 510mm high (standard), and 685mm high (optional) and can perform submerged cutting up to 510mm deep. With an annealing length of more than 685mm, this system is capable of threading through the workpiece both at the start point and through the gap.

The MX600 Oil Advance Plus wire EDM combines the ultimate in machine accuracy and surface finish, with wire capability down to .02mm diameter. The MX600 features a Nano-pulse power supply and DMX-S Super Digital Control sensor, specifically shaping each spark producing surface finishes down to 1.6ì “Ra. This machine provides the perfect opportunity to advance micro-machining capabilities.

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