New player in simulation software solutions arena – Simutron – appointed as channel partner for Altair products

“No, we are not the latest AVR simulator or aviator game developer. The only association we have is that we all work in the software space but Simutron is on another level compared to those products. We present products that give you the opportunity to unlock your future, offering you access to superior simulation and high-performance computing, no matter the size of your business,” said Quintin Burger, Director of Simutron, a company that has only been active since May 2022.

“Altair is a global leader in computational science and artificial intelligence (AI) that provides software and cloud solutions in simulation, high-performance computing (HPC), data analytics and AI. Altair enables organisations across all industries to compete more effectively and drive smarter decisions in an increasingly connected world, all while creating a greener, more sustainable future,” continued Burger.

“No longer is it only major corporations that can innovate using some of the world’s most advanced and powerful software. Now SMEs can also cost-effectively access high-fidelity, physics-based solvers anywhere on the globe, and enjoy seamless integration with other software tools without incremental cost.”

“Simutron, an engineering technology company, was established to offer simulation software solutions that replicate real world conditions to the mining, manufacturing, transport, energy, defence and industrial sectors. With experienced, professional engineers as staff, the company products make it possible to minimise the need for physical testing in the product development stage and reflect feedback gleaned from simulations and optimisation technology. These forces combine and interact to speed the development process and shorten time-to-market,” said Burger.

Appointed as reseller for Altair products
“One of the major factors behind the establishment of Simutron was being appointed as a reseller of the Altair products and software solutions. The US-based company has had a presence in South Africa since 2014 when it acquired Stellenbosch, Western Cape-based company EM Software & Systems SA (EMSS), the developer of the FEKO electromagnetics analysis suite,” said Simutron Director Ben TerreBlanche.

“We are excited to sell and support a range of Altair’s software solutions for product engineering and industrial processes in Southern Africa. By making Altair’s solutions available to our customers and companies in the region we will be able to take advantage of the impressive technology Altair offers,” continued TerreBlanche.

“Altair’s software line-up represents a comprehensive, open-architecture solution for data analytics, simulation and high-performance computing across a diverse range of applications and industry solutions.”

“Some of the recognisable names include HyperWorks, SimLab, SimSolid, EDEM, Inspire, Inspire Print3D, Inspire Extrude Metal, Inspire Studio, HyperWorks, OptiStruct, Hypermesh, Inspire Cast and Nova Flow & Solid.”

Altair units – based on subscription model
“More than 20 years ago, Altair revolutionised how engineers and organisations accessed their simulation software with HyperWorks Units – a groundbreaking value-based licensing system that allows flexability,” said Burger.

“To further evolve their unique business model, Altair introduced Altair Units, their new, unified licensing system that gives access to every Altair product and the power to solve on any scale. This new model delivers enhanced inclusivity at various price points and will allow customers to maximise their software dollars through the flexibility to run software anywhere, freedom to choose from a variety of software tools with unparalleled value from the unique business model,” continued Burger.

“Altair pioneered a patented, units-based subscription licensing model for software which has transformed the way our customers streamline product innovation and get to market faster, making them the ‘Netflix’ of the simulation industry. Customers have full access to every Altair product and Altair Partner product, plus the power to solve on any scale. Packaged as a comprehensive set of applications, our units-based structure is scalable, shareable, and more cost effective than obtaining individual licenses,” explained Burger.

“We are pleased to welcome Simutron to our global channel partner community, covering the Southern African market. This strategic alliance comprehensively covers the Southern African market while contributing to both companies’ continued growth in the fast-growing engineering and simulation market. Our customers will benefit from Simutron’s expertise, local market presence, and industry know-how, which will allow them to accelerate time-to-market, compete more efficiently and drive innovation,” said Ariel Hadar, country manager for South Africa and Israel, Altair.

For further details contact Simutron on TEL: 012 645 4300 or visit