New larger part Mitsubishi EDM reduces wire cost up to 60% while reducing curl ratio to less than 10%

Celebrating more than 10 000 EDM installations, Mitsubishi EDM is proud to introduce the MV4800 Advance, the latest addition to the popular MV Series EDM family. This machine’s new standout features are its cylindrical drive and its increased travel, making it ideal for larger part production.

The MV4800 Advance features an extensive travel of 800 x 600 x 508mm, and can machine workpieces up to 1 350mm x 1 100mm x 508mm. Submerged, it can cut 508mm deep. This added size combines with cost-saving design elements to make the MV4800 Advance one of the best EDM investments on the market.

Highlights of this machine include a Digital Matrix Sensor (DMX-S) and V350-V generator, which shape each spark to improve surface finish, reduce vibration and minimize electrode wear. This allows for a lower wire speed, reducing wire cost by as much as 60 percent.


Another key feature is the intelligent auto-threading systems designed to anneal up to 685mm of wire, reducing the curl ratio to less than 10 percent.

The EDM features a rigid machine structure consisting of a Meehanite base casting, stainless steel work tank, seal plate and worktable. The three-sided worktable features an additional fourth rail across the back for easier mounting of large workpieces. A new linear shaft motor drive and glass scale feedback help to ensure friction-free, accurate column movement throughout the entire X- and Y-axis range. The EDM is equipped with the M700 series control with 15″ touchscreen.

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