New Kennametal KMH drill for hardened materials without coolant holes (external coolant)

The all-new KMH solid carbide drills are engineered for hard material applications up to 65 HRC. The B94 drill series without through coolant is specifically designed to machine hardened and surface-hardened materials using flood coolant. With its 145° point angle, it is also perfectly suited as a pilot drill for the B95 drill series with through coolant and 140° point for deeper applications.

Both series come with an increased core to strengthen the drill, feature a curved cutting edge with corner chamfer to avoid chipping on the margin lands and increased tool life in these challenging materials.

KMH Point Design with curved cutting edge with corner chamfer for maximum corner stability in hard materials. It avoids chipping on cutting edge thus pre-mature wear. Special flute design with strong web to increase the strength of the drill in tough applications with short chips. B95 series with 30° helix angle to improve chip evacuation in higher length-to-diameter ratios.

KCH15 on B95 with its higher toughness supports edge strength at increased rake angles, which are applied to improve chip evacuation in higher L/D ratios. It carries a high temperature and shock resistance AlTiN coating for machining hardened material to increase tool life.

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