New Haas bar feeder automates production

When Haas Automation introduced the Servo Bar 300 bar feeder in 1999, it was instantly popular, because it was compact, easy to use, and affordable. For 2015, Haas engineers went back to the drawing board to make bar feeder operations easier, more efficient, and faster.

The result is the all-new Haas Bar Feeder, which provides a simpler and more affordable way to automate part production on Haas turning centers. It features a re-engineered, heavy-duty – yet still compact – design that boosts productivity and streamlines turning operations.

Designed and built by Haas Automation exclusively for use on Haas ST-10 through ST-35 and DS series CNC turning centres, the Haas Bar Feeder connects directly to the Haas control, and is powered by the turning centre.


Fast set up and quick changeovers are what sets the new Haas Bar Feeder apart from the competition. It features an innovative rollaway design that provides easy access to the rear of the lathe spindle for quick liner adapter and liner changes. Simply press the foot-pedal release, and the bar feeder easily rolls out of the way for access. When pulled back into position, the bar feeder locks into place completely, eliminating accidental bumps or alignment issues. And making bar height adjustments is easier than ever, using a single handwheel right where it’s needed to make visual “on-centre” adjustments. Quick-change pushrods snap into place without tools, and both sizes store conveniently in the cover of the bar feeder. Built-in racks on both ends of the bar feeder provide storage for and easy access to all Haas extruded spindle liners, so there’s no need to walk around the machine, as with the previous version.

To reduce cycle times, the Haas Bar Feeder uses a new belt-driven bar-shuttle system that is 7 times faster than the previous version, with lightning-fast retract speeds. Optical sensors accurately determine bar position, even on bars with chamfers and ragged ends, and stainless steel runners on the charging tray help bars roll down to the loading area much easier. Even square and hexagonal stock glide down smoothly to the new bar feeder tray.

Because it’s integrated with the Haas control, all bar feeder parameters are set directly at the lathe. Easy-to-read, on-screen icons indicate if the bar feeder is out of position, has the lid open, or needs to be latched back into place.

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