New Doosan 10” chuck Lynx lathe models with Y-axis and sub-spindle capability

Two new Doosan 10” chuck Lynx lathe models with Y-axis and sub-spindle capability will be available markets in early 2021. The newly-designed Lynx 2100/2600 Y-axis horizontal turning centers may be small in stature, but they more than make up for it when it’s time to produce. These machines are born with a chip on their shoulders.

There are two models in the new range – the Lynx 2600Y (Y-axis model) and the Lynx 2600SY (Y-axis and sub-spindle model).

In addition to their compact footprints, the machines are said to deliver best-in-class speed, accuracy and flexibility. Both models share many of the advanced technology features and performance attributes of the highly successful and popular 6/8”chuck Lynx 2100 series of lathes first introduced a couple of years ago. But the new models provide small component manufacturers with larger turning diameters (380mm), longer turning lengths (610mm) and more powerful spindle capabilities (18.5 kW/3 500 rpm).

The new Lynx 2600Y and Lynx 2600SY lathes fill a gap in the market, identified by Doosan, for flexible, larger-capacity 10” chuck/81mm bar diameter lathes with Y axes.”

The new Lynx lathes are equipped with powerful 18.5 kW/3 500 rpm spindles that, combined with their highly rigid and low-vibration design and build (i.e. spindle housing, bed, feed shaft), ensure high-accuracy, repeatability and surface finish, even during heavy-duty and continuous cutting operations.

Both machines are driven tool models (5 000 rpm milling capability) and their Base Mounted Turret (BMT) design and configuration improves rigidity, which helps deliver increased productivity and process reliability.

The new Lynx lathes also have a 105 mm Y-axis capability (+/- 52.5mm), which makes them more versatile and enables manufacturers to machine complex precision parts faster and in fewer setups.

Other key features include the lathes’ fast travels (30 m/min rapids on X- and Z-axes), the integration of high rigidity roller LM guideways on the machines’ axes for improved performance and accuracy, the inclusion of a fully programmable tailstock (Lynx 2600Y model), the incorporation of a powerful and productivity enhancing 4 500 rpm sub-spindle (Lynx 2600SY model), the incorporation of an eco-friendly grease lubrication system that reduces maintenance interventions and costs and an on-board tool setter that facilitates automatic (in-process) tool measurement.

The lathes are supplied with the new Fanuc 0i-TF Plus control and features an innovative, sophisticated and user-friendly iHMI system with an intuitive 15” touchscreen.

The iHMI enables users to have quick and complete control over all machine operations – planning, machining, maintenance etc – as well as the ability to monitor machine performance and respond to changing situations and demands, efficiently and effectively.

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