NEASA believes that the Plastic Converters’ Association of South Africa has betrayed the steel industry. All to do with wage negotiations

The National Employers Association of South Africa (NEASA) has released a statement that it claims the steel industry has been betrayed. The statement, in the form of a letter, was published in June 2022 by the association.

Dear Steel Industry employer

The leadership of the Plastic Converters’ Association of South Africa (PCASA) has turned against those who have helped them to establish their own protected bubble within the MEIBC, the Plastic Negotiating Forum (PNF).

Now that they have found the safety they desired, they have turned against those who, not only helped them to establish this Forum, but without whom nothing would have come from their attempt to establish the PNF.

What does the betrayal of the Metal Sector by PCASA entail? We don’t exactly know because they won’t take us into their confidence, but it boils down to an agreement (at least from what we could gather) between the PCASA and NUMSA, to the effect that should NUMSA sign the PNF agreement, the PCASA will support the extension of the agreement between Seifsa and NUMSA (and other trade unions) to non-parties.

This notwithstanding the fact that the PCASA has ‘no skin in the (steel) game’. This is not only treasonous conduct (within the context of the Steel Industry), but morally wrong and, of course, among others, will be subjected to litigation going forward.

This conduct by the PCASA’s leadership disrupted the power balance in the MEIBC environment and came as a huge shock to their previous alliance partners – those who fought together to free employers in the Steel Industry from the diabolical, business hostile dispensation brought about by Seifsa’s agreements with trade unions over many years. Naturally, this came as a huge shock to us; being stabbed in the back is always a painful experience.

And now for the good news
We will appropriately and timeously deal with the challenges lying ahead. There is always a way out of a tight spot. We (and you) will find a way; in fact, we already have.

Our advice to you is …

… not to act upon the current events, continue with conducting your business in the way you think best. WE HAVE YOUR BACK.

What can you do in the meantime?
It is important that every steel company which is not yet a member of NEASA (or the South African Engineers’ and Founders’ Association (SAEFA) – the only two organisations standing up for employers in the steel industry), to please join. Also, if you know a business that is not a member yet, please let us know; we need every bit of support.

Gerhard Papenfus
Chief Executive of NEASA

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