Mobile job costing and quoting software – TurboTime

Using tablet selfies and QR codes.

As a business owner, you know your monthly expenses (raw materials, salaries, rent etc.), but not many know how these expenses are broken down so they can be allocated to individual tasks. Do you ever wonder when you have finished a project, if you have made a reasonable profit, a decent profit or no profit at all? When it came to enterprise resource planning for manufacturing, did wonder why sales orders became work orders that were scheduled for production and there was no way to track costs until the entire production was completed? Or have you had little to no visibility into work-in-process (WIP) and outside processor inventory, therefore, tracking a part’s costs associated with both was difficult to manage?

Software provider Sentri Systems says TurboTime is designed to help users provide accurate quotes and estimates to customers in the sheet metal, machining and other industries that require exploded bills of materials and detailed reports. The software features user-defined operations that can produce the cost at any one-time and produce reports as you so desire.

How it works
An employee badge with his personal QR code is issued to every staff member who is classified as “works on a job” (for obvious reasons your accounts department would not be included). A QR code is inserted into/pasted onto the job card. At the tablet, the employee scans his employee badge, followed by the job card. A list of tasks that is available for the specific job and falls into the employee’s skill level is displayed (you would not want a general worker operating expensive machinery). The skill level to be performed is selected. When the task is complete the employee again scans his employee card and a list of job stop reasons/exit codes are displayed. This information is then stored in the cloud to be later imported into TurboTime for processing and generation of reports.

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