Mitsubishi MV4800-S Advance Type M800 Wire EDM Machine with CNC Control

The new Mitsubishi MV4800-S Advance Type M800 is now capable of 20” submerged cutting. The auto-threading system’s optional casting creates a removable 12” insert that when removed increases the maximum workpiece thickness to 32”. The option includes tank wall extensions and upper head skirts to contain the cutting splash created by the workpiece extending above the maximum submerged level.

MV4800-S Advance Type M800 includes several new features:

Mitsubishi M800 CNC control – with intuitive operation using a cell phone like 19” touchscreen on an ergonomic tilt / swivel mounting system.

The Advance Pendant Box – This thin tapered design, with a 3.5″ LCD touchscreen, provides operators with more functionality at the machine, minimising set-up time.

New software functions help operators with a set-up checklist and enhanced maintenance screens to keep track of operations. All-new common-shape macros reduce programming time by as much as 88%.

Smaller fluid tank and built-in 55 lb. wire spool system has reduced the machine width by 16%, saving valuable floor space while providing for longer unattended machine time.

Thermal Buster is a temperature stability system that uses several sensors to monitor to the temperature of key areas of the machine casting and synchronises them by circulating chiller dielectric fluid through them.

The wire EDM machine also features Mitsubishi’s Cylindrical Drive Technology: The round magnetic shaft of the linear motor creates a 360° magnetic flux for a revolutionary, no-contact design. This provides smooth, friction-free motion without the cogging inherent in other linear motor designs. The larger air gap between the shaft and forcer minimises heat output and the effect of metallic shop dust on the system.

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