Mitsubishi EDM sinker with AI technology

Mitsubishi has introduced the new Mitsubishi SG12 artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled sinker EDM. The SG12 sinker EDM’s AI and IoT technologies combine to provide insight into and control over its productivity, efficiency, uptime, maintenance and more.

The new Mitsubishi SG12 sinker EDMs optimise performance, improve productivity, reduce electrical consumption and take the guesswork out of estimating machining time. The proprietary AI technology makes logical use of condition-monitoring data. For example, these new machines can diagnose real-time problems within the burn and directly modify specific parameters for a stable and accurate output. This allows machine operators of all experience levels to produce quality results in complex cavities and shapes.

Because the AI technology analyses current sensor data to determine optimal conditions, it reduces overall electrode wear and costs. By monitoring these parameters, the machine operates more efficiently and can more accurately predict machining times.

The SG12 sinker comes with Remote360 cloud-based machine monitoring system, which provides real-time expert remote diagnostics along with the seamless measurement of and access to valuable data that can provide the insight necessary to improve productivity, efficiency and profitability.

“This combination of AI and remote monitoring can improve machine productivity by 30% and cut machining time in half while reducing waste and electrode wear, said a company spokesperson.

“Additionally, both new and experienced operators benefit from the Mitsubishi M800 CNC control with its 19-inch ergonomic touchscreen.”

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